Engineering, manufacturing and
procurement expertise

Tower Internal Solutions

Engineering, Manufacturing, and Procurement Expertise

3S Lift is your one-stop-shop for the entire scope of wind turbine tower internals, from lifts to platforms, ladders, bracket and more.

Engineering, manufacturing and
procurement expertise


3S Lift is your one-stop-shop for the entire scope of wind turbine tower internals. Through a combination of in-house production and procurement of parts from sub-suppliers, we can offer the full range of key tower internal components: Platforms, platform galleries, Service Lifts, Climb Auto Systems, Climb Assists, Fall Protection Systems, Evacuation and Rescue Devices, cable trays, Aluminum Ladders, brackets, stair cases, and doors.

Key Features


Kitsetting and Logistics Services

3S Lift offers kitsetting and logistic services so that customers can maximize the efficiency of their operation. With our engineering expertise, we can even support you in the design of your tower internals.


Production Expertise

We have extensive in-house production capabilities, manufacturing a wide range of tower internal components. Our factory processes steel and aluminum by means of stamping, welding, bending, and cutting. Our welding process is EN 1090 and ISO 15614 certified.

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