Tower Climber

No more climbing

3S LIFT tower climber is a lithium battery powered climb-aid equipment used on the tower crane. It can be installed within the tower section, or on the existing ladder within the tower.

With the advantages of high safety, stable running, compact structure design, simple operation, easy installation and disassembly, the tower climber enables the tower crane operator to get on and off the crane with an improved safety and efficiency.

The Tower Climber is designed and manufactured to the latest European standards and has passed the CE certification.

Easy Ascent for
Crane Operators

6 safety features

  • Dual fall protection system (independent fall arresters
    for the car and the operator)
  • Upper/lower limit function
  • Manual descent function
  • Overload protection
  • Two-hand switch control
  • Low-power protection

Smooth and Stable Running

Easy and efficient installation

Multiple Usage Scenarios

Tower Climber can be applied in various industries, such as tower cranes, wind turbine tower, high-voltage power transmission tower, cooling tower, warehouse storage, Refinery, Grain Silo, and bridge tower inspections etc.

Safety and efficiency when working at height

Key Features


Two-handle start-up switch

To use the Tower Climber, the operator must press and hold the switches on both handles simultaneously. If the operator releases either switch, the system stops immediately.


Remote operation system

The Tower Climber can be conveniently sent up and down without an operator at the push of a button. This allows the operator uptower to send the Climber down to a colleague at the bottom.


Top and bottom limit and ultimate limit protection

Thanks to the top and bottom limit switches, the Climber will stop automatically at the top and bottom of the tower. Additional safety is provided by the mechanical ultimate limit protection at the top and bottom.


Low battery protection function

When the battery is less than 15%, it allows the car to travel down only, but only descent.


Audible and visual alert while running

When the Tower Climber is in use, a light and an audible alarm will ensure other operators along the pathway are alerted to the approaching lift.


Collapsible footboards

The collapsible footboards enable rapid evacuation in case of emergency.


Tower Climber

Weight 70 kg
Rated load 150 kg
Speed 18 m/min (2 minutes to reach the top of a 40 m crane)
Distance with one full battery charge ≤1500 m (40 round trips for a 40 m crane)
Protection level IP65


Operating temperature range -20°C-+55°C
Wind speed ≤13 m/s
Service life 10 years
Power adapter Adapt to regional outlet

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