New Generation Rack and Pinion Ladder-Guided Service Lift

The rack and pinion ladder-guided Service Lift travels up and down the guide ladder using a pinion hoist mechanism. Featuring exceptional reliability and streamlined maintenance routines that boost AEP, this model is particularly suitable for offshore wind turbines.

The Ideal Solution for High Towers

  • Pre-installed at tower factory, use immediately
  • Equipped with multiple safety features
  • For smooth and stable operation
  • Large capacity, large load
  • High reliability, More power generation

Product Details

Heracles Technical Specifications


Model H480
Rated load 480 kg (max. 1000 kg)
Capacity 4 persons (max. 6 persons)
Rated power 8 kw
Lifting speed 18-42 m/min (max. 60 m/min)
Manual descent speed 9-21 m/min (customizable)
Guiding type Rack and pinion ladder-guided
Dimension (L*W*H) 1200 x 860 x 2900 mm (4 persons)
1200 x 1250 x 2900 mm (6 persons)
Drive System Dual power drive
Note: one supporting piece is provided for every 2m of tower

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