Ergonomic, durable personal protection

Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Safety When Working at Height

The 3S Lift Full Body Harness provides freedom of movement and gives technicians peace of mind while working in wind turbine towers.

Ergonomic, durable personal protection

Safety While Working at Height

Fall protection is essential when working at height. Full Body Harnesses, Lanyards and other PPE provide safety and protect technicians while working in wind turbine towers. Reliable and comfortable PPE that provides freedom of movement and gives techs peace of mind directly affects productivity, allowing them to perform at their best.

Full Body Harness

The 3S Lift Full Body Harness features 5 D-rings and is made using nylon 66, which offers a high tensile strength. The surface of the webbing is equipped with triple-protectant coating, making it fire-resistant, waterproof and resistant to UV rays. It also offers increased resistance against oil and dirt, is mold-resistant very durable.

Key Features


Full Body Harness

Model SA-01001
Rated load 100 kg
Harness static load 15 KN
Webbing material Nylon 66
Triple protective coating Fire-resistant, waterproof, resistant to
UV rays
Belt width 44 mm
Belt thickness 1.8 mm
Belt static load 22 KN
D-rings 5
Tool loops 2


D-ring material Aluminum alloy (aircraft grade)
D-ring static load 22 KN
Socket material Aluminum alloy (aircraft grade)
Socket static load 18 KN
Buckle material 45# MS Steel
Buckle static load 18 KN
Surface material Synthetic leather
Liner material HDEVA
Certification CE
Compliant with standard EN361, EN358, EN813

Complementary Personal Protective Equipment


100% Tie-Off Shock Absorbing Lanyard (Dual Leg)

Model SC-01001


Shock Absorbing Lanyard (Single Leg)

Model SC-02001


Adjustable Work-Positioning Lanyard

Model SD-01001


Vertical Lifeline With Shock Pack And Fall Arrester

Model SE-01001

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