Hight strength, easy to assemble, customizable

Aluminum Ladder

High Strength, Easy to Assemble, Customizable

Made from high-strength aluminum alloy, 3S Lift aluminum ladders are very durable and exceed international standards. They are easy to assemble and can be customized acc. to customer requirements.

Hight strength, easy to assemble, customizable

High-Strength Aluminum Ladder

3S Lift aluminum ladders are made from high-strength aluminum alloy, with high compressive capacity and impact resistance. The ladders are easy to assemble and exceed international standards. The ladders are manufactured using a flaring and riveting technique that guarantees a firm connection between the rungs and the stiles. The ladder width can be customized to meet customer requirements.

Key Features


High Durability

The durability of the high-strength aluminum alloy of the ladder is enhanced through an anodizing surface treatment that increases its corrosion and wear resistance.


High-Quality Rivets

The ladder uses high-quality rivets that are both crush and impact resistant.



The maximum length of a section of 3S Lift’s aluminum ladder is 5880 mm. The ladders can be customized to meet customer requirements.


Combine with Climb Auto System or Service Lift

Our aluminum ladders can be used independently or with a 3S Lift guide rail to mount a Climb Auto System or a Service Lift.


Ladder Mounting

The mounting supports for the 3S Lift ladder fasten non-foundation ladders to internal tower walls. We offer a variety of brackets and connectors that can be customized according to customer requirements.


Resting Platform

Intermediate ladder platforms can be installed at any ladder rung to provide a place for technicians to rest while climbing the towers. They fold in and out easily and increase the level of safety in the tower.


Aluminum Ladder

Standard width 470 / 490 / 575 mm
Custom width 400–1000 mm
Section length 5880 mm
Rung distance 280 mm
Rung dimensions 30 x 30 mm


Stile dimensions 60 x 25 mm or 74 x 25 mm
Operating temperature range -30 – +60°C
Certification and standards CE, EN 131, EN ISO14122-4, AS 1657,
ANSI-ASC 14.3, DIN 18799-1/05.09,
OSHA 1910.23, OSHA 1926.1053,
GB/T 17888.4, GB/T 17889.2
Dimensions can be customized according to customer requirements

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