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Create value for customers

3S Lift has a talented engineering team available to provide solution for working at height. In the past 20 years we have accomplished various challenging projects in many different industries.

Powerful Solutions

We do more than provide superior products. We deliver power, reliable, and efficient solutions
to move your business forward. Factor in our industry-leading service and support, and it’s quite clear
that partnering with us is a smart return on your investment.

  • services3_power_1
    Fall protection,
    Maintenance platform
  • services3_power_2
    Fall-proof lifeline system
  • services3_power_3
    Bridge repair platform
    Building repair platform
  • services3_power_4
    Construction lifts
    Maintenance platform
3S Lift product also offers unmatched versatility to support almost
every job or application
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    Design & custom
    The 3S fabrication team has more than 20 years combined experience. We build our designs to your strictest specifications using top quality materials
  • services_3ways_2
    Installation & Construction
    Intended to serve as a guide for the proper installation and construction.These are detailed construction documents,plans, and specifications for the project.
  • services_3ways_3
    Aftermarket & Maintenance
    All of our products are designed with an emphasis on accessibility to make sure performing routine maintenance is quick and easy.