Engineering technical support


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Engineering Support to Improve Wind Farm Operations

3S has teams of trained technicians who can provide services such as blade maintenance, annual inspection of service lift, climb assist and climb auto, fall arrest system and auto desending device. The key emphasis is on maximizing WTG availability and efficiency, thus providing increased revenues for our clients.

On customer request, a 24/7 support line for getting instant advice by 3S’s certified engineers, and on-site field support can be provided.

Customized service schedules
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    Regular inspection, maintenance,protective covering adherence services:
    Provide regular inspection, maintenance, and protective covering adherence services for all blades as well as inspection report.
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    Regular maintenance, cleaning service for wind turbine:
    Regular maintenance of wind turbine can optimize its working condition, extend its life span, and reduce damages caused by dust, grease, salt spray, and crystallization.
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    Maintenance, clean and decoration for tubular tower:
    Provide professional and customized maintenance services such as tubular tower maintenance, cleaning, anti-corrosion treatment, even custom painting.