Service Lift


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3S Lift’s service lifts are designed and produced under the quality and safety standards in the international and domestic markets. Our wind turbine service lift systems are applicable to all turbine models.

3S Lift offers an array of service lifts designed for efficiency and safety. We supply all major OEMs, including Vestas, Siemens-Gamesa, GE, and every major Chinese OEM. See how our service lift can elevate your company’s safety.

Twelve Safeguards

Tailored design to meet customers’ requirements

We have the certification to install service lifts globally.

3S Lift has experience in lifting technology.

All key safety components are designed, built,

and tested in our own facility.

Experience new heights in safety!

Service Lift
Product Description Front sliding door, V5 Front half door, V5 Front sliding door, V6 Side sliding door, V7 Rolling door, V8 Single or Double door
Guiding type Wire rope guided Ladder guided Wire rope guided Wire rope guided Ladder guided Wire rope guided Rack-and-pinion ladder quided
Rated load 240Kg 240Kg 240Kg 240Kg/320Kg 250Kg 240Kg
Passenger capacity 2 persons 2 persons 2 persons 2 persons/3 persons 1 persons/2 persons 2 persons
Dimension (L*W*H) 960x600x2980mm 960x600x2980mm 960x600x2980mm 800x860x2980mm 950x860x2980mm 800x750x3000mm 580x620x3000mm 1090x750x2570mm
Self weight 160Kg 160Kg 200Kg 220Kg/260Kg 160Kg/200Kg 280Kg
Hoist 400V /690V,550Kg 400V /690V,550Kg 400V /690V,550Kg 400V /690V,550Kg 400V /690V,700Kg 400V,550Kg 400V /690V,550Kg
Operation speed 9, 10.7, 18 m/min 9, 10.7, 18 m/min 9, 10.7, 18 m/min 9, 10.7, 18 m/min 9, 10.7, 18 m/min 18 m/min