3S Lift Products and Services


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A world-leading provider of wind turbine tower products

For the past 20 years, 3S Lift has designed, manufactured, installed and maintained products for wind turbine manufacturers, tower manufacturers, service providers and wind farm owners across more than 40 countries. 3S Lift products and services range from service lifts to Climb Auto Systems, climb assists, aluminum ladders, fall protection systems, auto descending devices, blade maintenance platforms, offshore cranes and sealed self-retracting lifelines. In addition, we provide engineering services to develop and customize products according to customer needs. We are your one-stop-shop for WTTI and safety equipment. Using our knowledge and experience, we help our valued partners be efficient, safe, and competitive in the marketplace.

Safety and reliability are the core value of 3S Lift products

Safety is the number 1 priority for all 3S products and services. 3S Lift develops and manufactures all the safety-related parts and components to guarantee products’ absolute quality. 3S services and products are designed and certified to international standards and regulations.