Offshore Crane – Safety Lifting Gear Equipment


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Safe and quick loading and unloading of parts and equipment to and from supply ships

The high-quality safety lifting gear equipment components of the offshore crane ensure a long service life of your assets and are specifically designed for the harsh ocean environment. The offshore crane boasts high safety, reliability, and multiple corrosion resistance treatment. It is sturdy and durable. Even in extreme conditions, it offers high impact resistance and carrying capacity.

Improve work efficiency and minimize downtime with
safety lifting gear equipment and supplies

  • Multiple layers of corrosion resistance and protection treatment for a service life of over 25 years

  • High strength, aging-resistant stainless-steel material, suitable for the harsh offshore environment

  • Mechanical self-locking function with error-proof design to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment

  • 24V DC control voltage plug and play electric control box offers convenient installation

  • Upper and lower double limit switch for high safety

  • Overload protection system will cut off power to avoid equipment damage

  • OC-5

  • OC-2 / OC-2L


Model: OC-5

Rated load: 1200 kg

Max. lifting height: ≤25m

Lifting speed: 20m/min

Power supply: 400V Three phase

Rated Power: 5.5 kW


Model: OC-2 / OC-2L

Rated load: 980 kg / 800 kg

Max. lifting height: ≤20m

Lifting speed: 7.5m/min

Power supply: 400V Three phase

Rated Power: 2.2 kW