Hybrid Tower Maintenance Platform


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Proven suspended access solutions now customized for wind turbines

In today’s wind turbine tower market, the use of concrete or hybrid concrete/steel towers is growing rapidly. Typically, a service platform is needed for installation and maintenance. The 3S Lift Platform ensures both smooth operation and personnel safety.

For years, 3S Lift has been providing safe, reliable suspended access solutions for commercial and industrial projects. Now we’re reaching even higher with our CP4 Wind Turbine Platform for internal wind tower access.

Designed specifically for Hybrid tower wind turbines

The Wind Turbine Platform enables unrestricted access to the tower

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    Technical assistance
    with mechanical or
    structural problems

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    Aluminium wind Hanging
    basket for
    better stability

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    Designed for strength
    and simplicity

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    Project and construction
    management services

  • Model:
  • Rated capacity:
    600 kg
  • Speed:
    9 m/min
  • Self weight:
    1300 kg
  • Power:
    7.2 KW
  • Voltage:
    400V / 690V 3 phases
  • Platform dimension:
    7110*7110*2280 mm(adjustable)