Climb Auto System – Single Person Ladder Mounted Lift


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Improving Health & Safety, Turbine Uptime and Employee Retention

The 3S Lift Climb Auto System is wind’s new climb assist, improving Health & Safety and reducing the cost of ownership. On every wind farm there are countless soft tissue injuries due to the repetitive motion of climbing. These injuries can lead to sick days, long term health issues and reduced motivation among wind turbine technicians. With the Climb Auto System, technicians can safely reach the top of the tower, putting zero stress on their muscles and joints. The Climb Auto System is a safe and cost-effective way to ascend wind turbines. It lets technicians keep their minds on the job and not on the climb. The 3S Lift Climb Auto System is a single technician ladder-mounted lift that completely eliminates the physical and mental strain of climbing. It features safety control switches on both handles, a remote mode for the easy transport of tools, and collapsible pedals for rapid evacuations in the event of an emergency. The Climb Auto System offers independent fall-arrests for both personnel and the system itself.

Retrofit Installation in 8 Hours or Less

The Climb Auto System can be easily retrofitted to any new or existing wind turbines – often in 8 hours or less. Because the Climb Auto System is mounted to the existing ladder, the installation typically requires no changes to the wind turbine structures. The Climb Auto System reduces the cost of ownership compared to service lifts, both in terms of capital and maintenance costs and has been installed in over 30,000 wind turbine towers worldwide. It has certifications from CE, UL, ANSI, OSHA, and more, fully complying with the requirements of all major markets.


Platform Weight: 26 kg (57 lbs.)

Rated load: Model: CF-120D 120 kg (264 lbs.)

Rated load: Model: CF-120E 141 kg (310 lbs.)

Speed: 18 m/min (59 ft/min)

Power Supply: Single/3 Phase, AC, 220V, 50/60 Hz

Power Supply: Optional: 3 Phases, 400V, 50 Hz

Certification: CE, ETL, OSHA compliant

  • Personal fall protection system certified to CE, ASME, CSA and OSHA standards
  • Dual control system (manual and remote operation)
  • Remote control lock-out protection: Control priority is always given to the operator on the platform, whereby the remote control will be disabled
  • Independent fall protection devices protect person and equipment
  • Power loss protection: In the event of power outrage, the platform will stop, and can be lowered manually to the starting position
  • Two-hand safety switch operation: To operate lift, operator must have both hands pressing down on the switches. If one hand is released, the lift will stop
  • Overload protection: Upon overload or obstacle, the control system will sense the overload and stop the lift
  • Impact prevention: When passing through platforms, the system audibly alerts the operator and the running speed is reduced

Independent Fall Protection System

Dual Fall Protection

Person and platform use separate fall protection devices.

Operator’s personal fall protection device

System’s fall protection device