Climb Auto


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Optimize Turbine Operations

Reduce turbine downtime translating into increased annual energy production and revenue.

Improve technician retention by enhancing job satisfication, and increase technician diversity. Reduce lost time injuries due to reduction in wear and tear caused by traditional climbing.

Single Person Service Platform

Retrofit installation: No change required to the existing wind turbine structures. The system is mounted to the existing ladder, with the platform on the climbing side, the entire system can be installed in one day by two technicians.


Platform Weight: 26 kg (57 lbs)

Rated load: Model: CF-120D 120 kg (264 lbs)

Rated load: Model: CF-120E 141 kg (310 lbs)

Speed: 18 m/min (59 ft/min)

Power Supply: Single/3 Phase, AC, 220V, 50/60 Hz

Power Supply: Optional: 3 Phases, 400V, 50 Hz

Certification: CE, ETL

  • Personal fall protection system

    certified with CE, ASME, and CSA


  • Dual control system

    (manual operation and

    remote control)

  • Remote control lock-up protection.

    Control priority is always given to the

    operator on the platform, whereby

    the remote control will be disabled

  • Independent fall protection

    device protects person

    and equipment

  • Power loss protection.

    In the event of power outrage,

    the platform will stop, and

    can be descended manually to

    the starting platform.

  • Personal safety is guaranteed by

    two-hand safety switch operation.

    To operate the lift, operator must

    have both hands on joysticks,

    pressing down the switches. If one

    hand is released, the lift will stop.

  • Overload protection.

    Upon overload or obstacle, the

    control system will sense the

    overload, then stop the lift.

  • Impact prevention.

    slow down through each

    obstruction area including

    intermediate platforms.

Independent Fall Protection System

Eliminate the fear of operator

Dual Fall Protection

Person and platform uses seperate fall protection device.
Operator is 100% protected from falling.

Operator’s personal fall protection device

Platfrom fall protection device