Climb Assist


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Climbing Assistance for Improved Health & Safety

On every wind farm, there are countless soft tissue injuries due to the repetitive motion of climbing the towers. With the 3S Lift climb assist, technicians can climb the ladders with substantially less strain on their body. This improves Health & Safety and increases employee satisfaction.
The 3S Lift climb assist CA-2D is at the forefront of modern climb assist design. Made specifically for the use in wind turbines, the CA-2D provides constant lifting force for technicians ascending and descending wind turbine towers, alleviating the load and reducing fatigue.

Equipped with advanced adaptive technology to automatically adjust to the climber’s speed

By using variable-frequency vector control technology, the system provides lifting force for both ascent and descent. The lifting speed adapts to the operator’s climbing speed automatically. No hand operation is needed for starting and stopping, meaning the user’s hands are always safely on the ladder.
With nearly 40,000 installations worldwide, the 3S Lift climb assist has become the trusted solution for customers everywhere. It is CE and TÜV certified and valued by customers around the globe for its proven safety, reliability and ease to use. The 3S Lift climb assist is also lightweight, portable, waterproof and shock-resistant.

CA-2D Overview

The 3S Lift climb assist can be easily retrofitted to any existing turbine ladder. It is easy to install and maintain, providing a low-cost solution for climbing assistance.

  • Top Sheave

    Top pulley is installed between the top two rungs of the ladder.

  • Traction Wire Rope

    Safe, steady performance and convenient operation.

  • Portable Control Box

    The portable control box can be used to support one or multiple motors.

  • Motor

    Provides continuous lifting force of 30-50 kg for the operator.


Adjustable lifting force: 30-50 kg(60-110 lbs.)

Wire rope diameter: 6 mm

Power supply: Single/3 phase, 220V, 50/60 Hz. Optional: 3 phase, 400V, 50Hz

Lifting speed: Adapts to climber’s speed, max. 37m/min (120 ft/min)

Operation temperature: -40℃ – +60℃ (-40F – 140F)

Weight: Control box: 3.3 kg (7.2 lbs.)

Protection Class: Motor: IP55; Control box: IP66

Certification: CE, OSHA compliant

Maintenance free design

  • With advanced speed-adapting technology, lift speed adapts to the user’s climbing speed, providing steady assistant force

  • Variable-frequency vector control technology enables excellent dynamic performance and comfortable assistant force

  • Unique descent assistance provides a constant 30 kg lifting force to help the operator by reducing stress on the body