Industrial Maintenance Platform for Wind Turbine Blade Service


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360° Industrial Maintenance Platform for Wind Turbine Blade Service and Repair

With the patented three-point lifting technology, 3S Lift provides a safe, reliable and cost-effective way to perform blade maintenance and repair work. We offer custom-design for our industrial maintenance platforms to meet the challenging requirements of wind turbine blade service and repair. Our comprehensive training helps clients with assembly on site, setting up the rigging equipment, and provides instruction on the work procedure.

Over 3,000 blades have been repaired by the 3S Lift team

Our sophisticated service teams know our equipment and know how to repair all modern makes of blades


CE Certificate
GB Certificate Test
Report by Professional Laboratory


Our engineers and technicians have
long-standing expertise on the
production and use of the equipment


Major OEMs and
wind farm owners
are our clients


Extensive experience
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