We believe in delivering safe, innovative, and
cost-effective wind turbine tower internals that
benefit our customers, employees, and the planet.

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Wind Turbine Tower
Internals and
Safety Systems

Since 3S Lift was founded in 2005, it has been part of our mission to support
the fight against climate change. The solutions we offer contribute to the
effectiveness, efficiency, and acceptance of renewable energy. We enable
people to service wind turbines safely and help to protect their health.

700+ employees and
locations in China, India,
Europe and the US

Over the last two decades, we have become a leading global supplier for tower
internals and the market leader in Asia. With a global presence of around 700
employees and locations in China, India, Europe and the US, 3S Lift provides a
wide range of products to wind turbine manufacturers, tower manufacturers,
service providers and wind farm owners across more than 45 countries.

Manufacturing facility

In 2019, we expanded to our brand-new manufacturing facility. This modern production site allows us to meet the growing global demand for 3S Lift products.

As the one-stop-shop for our customers we offer tower internal components such as Service Lifts, Climb Auto Systems, Climb Assists, Aluminum Ladders, Platforms, Fall Protection Systems, Auto Descending Devices, Blade Maintenance Platforms, Offshore Cranes and more. In addition to our broad product portfolio, we provide engineering services to develop and customize products according to customer needs.

Safe, Simple, Specialized

3S Lift is driven by a culture of safety and innovation which is why we have obtained certifications from ISO and OSHA and accumulated 380 patents. Our more than 100 R&D engineers ensure that our solutions always fulfill our 3S brand promise: “Safe, Simple, Specialized”. Worldwide, 3S Lift has supplied 25,000 Service Lifts and 50,000 Climb Auto Systems to over 2,000 wind farms. Through continuous research and development for new equipment and services, we strive to support our customers in creating clean energy for a sustainable future.

R&D engineers
Wind farms
Service Lifts
Climb Auto Systems

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